Capacity Management

Capacity Management has been consulting with Dental Practices for over thirty years. We have helped thousands of practices double in size and profitability. At Capacity Management, you are assured that you are working with top notch consultants and trainers who have an in-depth understanding of your industry. Our systems and work ethic are unparalleled in helping you build the practice you've always wanted.

At Capacity Management, we have a proven track record of increasing profitability. Each month we consult and manage 5.5 million dollars in practice collections. Our approach is business orientated and dedicated to improving your bottom line. In June 2009, our clients as a group enjoyed a whopping 40% increase in collections as compared to June 2008.

All of our consultants are known for cutting to the real issues in practice development and removing the underlying cause, not the symptom. Skilled in identifying personal and practice blockages, we build practices in lieu of gimmicks and false motivation; our consulting services are not based on come be like me management, but the individual needs and goals of each Doctor. We go beyond cookie cutter consulting which is commonplace in today's market.

Our support team also works as a coach, working side by side with administrative staff as an experienced colleague. We have the ability to provide staff training, audit calls, schedule templates, customized dialogues, and much more. Practices that have trained and implemented our structured recall system have experienced increases up to 60%! Are you ready for your practice to excel?