6 Puzzle Pieces


Capacity Management is uniquely build around the concept of an individualized consulting program specific to your practice, your goals, and your expectations. No two practices, or doctors, are exactly the same; we know how to adapt and apply our practice-building knowledge so you can reach your objectives. As we begin your consulting service, it is imperative that we get detailed information that will drive our individualized recommendations. We will request some information prior to our initial in-office visit as part of our CM Exam Packet.


Our service always starts with an initial on-site visit, so we may learn more about you and your team. This takes place as soon as schedules allow. During this visit, we typically would start with observation, then diagnostics and key team interviews. This visit should also include a 2-3 hour meeting with the entire team. Scheduling details will be worked out based on travel arrangements.


Following the initial on-site visit, you will receive a Strategic Action Plan outlining the observations of the visit and recommended information, actions, and systems to help improve your practice and reach your goals. You will be scheduled for a recorded telephone consultation, detailing your action plan with emphasis on your top three blockages.


Your team will be required to forward practice statistics and Key Practice Indicators to us every month. Your consultant and the Capacity Management team will review the monthly statistics to reveal progress, update strategies, and identify any new concerns in keeping with your action plan.


As a part of the StatWatch system, we analyze your practice statistics, projects, action plan, and objectives to make sure you are on track to implement recommendations. Every month, you will be scheduled for a consulting call to review progress, make assignments, and coordinate team efforts between Capacity Management and your practice team.


After our initial visit to your practice, you will receive five subsequent in-office visits. These visits will be strategically scheduled throughout your consulting program.


Let our team help your team. This ongoing service is always available to answer questions that you, or your team, might have. We have many different areas of expertise from marketing to scheduling. If you have any questions or need help implementing our systems, we will always be here to assist you with a prompt reply to your questions via phone or email.


The CM Team knows that a practice will never naturally rise above the practice culture and/or the doctor's true leadership talent and nature. That is why you will receive seven core personal shifting teachings that will help you be aware and feel differently about money, self, and leadership. Personal development is essential to a successful practice. Capacity Management will deliver these trainings via various types of media. The topics are generally head-space or personal change driven. You will find these concepts common in all successful businesses and practices.