High Performance Teams

Having a high performance team is the goal of very business. Our definition of a high performance team is: individuals who work as a cohesive unit to accomplish your business goals, individuals who are motivated by and invested in the work they do each day, and a team that is proactive in not only solving the problems of today, but who dreams of how to make your business better tomorrow.

In-Depth Personality Testing

Many businesses are familiar with the DISC method of personality testing and most managers have seen the one page summary that charts where a personality falls. Have you seen a 60 page DISC report? One that not only discusses behaviors but also goes into what motivates that individual? Have you seen a report that shows you how to communicate with and approach different personality types? We offer a report that shows all of these details and when it’s combined with our office training presentation, you can expect dynamic results in your team!

Customized Analysis

Does the amount of information presented in this report overwhelm you? That’s why our trained coaches are here to walk you through each report and identify the information you need to make a good hiring decision or understand a current employee in a new light.

Personality Presentation

Our personality presentations are designed to walk your entire team through the results of their personality tests. During this meeting we will identify the ways your team can better understand each other, communicate better, and work as a cohesive unit.

Job Benchmarking

Throughout our years in the consulting industry, we’ve run into quite a few ‘rock star’ performers. We have conducted a personality profile on these individuals and have used that to find similarities among their work habits, personality, and motivations. We then use this data to help guide you in making hiring decisions, which will result landing in a top performer in the position you want to fill.

Customized Approach

Every business is unique and you can expect us to approach your business with this in mind. You won’t get a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approach from us and your unique needs are at the fore-front of our recommendations.

Present the Facts

In 2013, 43% of companies admit to making a bad hiring decision because they needed to fill the job quickly. Our in-depth personality testing helps you find the right person for the job based on the facts. “Hire Slow and Fire Fast” has been a guiding principle throughout our 30 years in the consulting industry. And we’ll give you the tools to make quick decisions that are based on facts, not emotions or a sense of urgency.