Description of Services

Master Team Builders Selection and Hiring Program Includes the Following

  • Phone consultation to gather information about position you intend to hire for.
  • Ad creation and posting on 2 web sites.
  • Resumes sent to our team for initial sorting.
  • Phone interviews conducted by our team for qualified candidates.
  • Assessments for the top 3 candidates.
  • Criminal background check conducted on finalists.
  • Report of findings and recommendations for final candidates for in-office interviews
  • In-Office interview guide with scenario questions
  • Closing discussion on finalist if needed

We will take the stress of selection and hiring off your back until the face-to-face interview and or working interview. The only other part you will need to play is checking references and making the final decision. When doctors check work references, they always get more information about the candidate’s actual results than any other person.

If we do not find a candidate on the first try, we will repost the position and start over and no additional charge.

We ask that when a viable candidate that meets the requirements and objectives becomes available that you quickly contact the individual to arrange an in-office interview. Great employees are never on the market long. We strive to always present your office in a professional manner and most importantly bring you employees that have the abilities, motivators and skills that will work to “make it happen” and maximize the profitability of the practice.

Selection and Hiring Program investment only $979

It is estimated that a poor hiring decision costs 3 times the salary at the 6-month mark. One employee at $16 / hour could the cost the business $48,384. Even at 3 months, when many employees are washed out or leave, the cost is still an astounding $24,192!