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Have you ever made a “bad” hiring decision?

Master Team Builders is the dental industry expert in selection and hiring. Most practices hire from staffing agencies or post an ad and take the person they “like” the most. Decisions are generally based on what the resume says and how the person responds in an interview. A resume reflects most job history and most responses in an interview reflect your ad and what they think you want to hear.

At Master Team Builders we take a different approach. We not only have a comprehensive interview guide, we use the best assessment tool available on the market today. Our assessments provide a comprehensive 3 dimensional view providing the “HOW”, the “WHY”, and their skill competencies. This is then compared to the top performers in the industry.

The “HOW” is how they naturally respond to problems and challenges. HOW they influence others to your point of view. HOW they respond to the pace. HOW they respond to rules and procedures. We can also show you an adapting view of the “HOW”. When team members are not properly tasked within their behaviors, they become stressed. Stress in the workplace cannot be eliminated due to outside forces but can be minimized if the right people are tasked according to their natural behaviors. A stressed employee uses up tremendous amounts of energy trying to do the right thing but often make repeated mistakes and use energy that could have gone towards patient satisfaction and practice success.

The “WHY” is the personal motivator, which is sometimes called the “hidden motivator”, because it is not easily observed. Personal motivators are a part of our mindset, our way of perceiving value, our filters and biases, ultimately influencing our decisions. Motivators are preferences in the mind and impel people into action. One of the six motivators is essential to all employees in the dental industry. There are a lot of great people working in dental offices all over the country but if they do not possess this motivator, they are not motivated to maximize the financial results of the practice.

Personal skills are developed over time and for many jobs are as important as the technical skills in producing superior performance. In the interview process you will often have potential candidates tell you they are proficient but are they really? Through our assessment we will rank 23 skills as well as their level of actual skill development. We have benchmarked each position and know what it takes to be a top performer and we will provide you a comparison of where their skill development is compared to the top performers in the industry.

The combined assessment shows HOW, WHY, and SKILLS is a critical tool, providing valuable information to you in your hiring decisions. Many fortune 500 companies have used this same assessment for years with a 93% accuracy and significant reduction in employee turnover.

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