New Patients Unlimited Features

Personal Marketing Coach

You'll work hand in hand with a experienced marketing coach who will help you develop and execute marketing campaigns that are designed to give you the largest return on investment. Our coaches have decades of experience and know what does and does not work for dental practice marketing.

Marketing Diagnostics

The first step in the New Patients Unlimited program is providing more information about your practice; we do this using our Fact Finder. This document and the supporting materials will provide us a valuable snapshot of your practice, your competition, and your local area that we’ll use to make recommendations and create your Action Plan. You may not have considered many of these questions before, and we encourage you to take time to fill this out as completely as you can.

Action Plan

Once we have received your completed fact finder, we will schedule a call to discuss your action plan. During this call, we will review your Fact Finder and have a discussion about your most important marketing needs. These calls are typically conducted with the Doctor. During this call, we will determine who you’d like to designate as your in-office marketing liaison.

Report of Findings

After we discuss your action plan, we will generate the report of findings, which includes our customized approach and recommendations for improving your marketing.

Monthly Phone Calls

Monthly phone calls will be conducted with your marketing liaison to discuss your marketing plan and review the previous month’s new patient results. These calls will be focused on deadline accountability and will utilize the data from your private marketing portal.

Private Online Dashboard

We have developed and designed a private online dashboard that your marketing liaison can use on a daily basis to track new patients and where they come from. This site will also provide: detailed statistics of how your numbers compare with previous years, calendars and to-do lists to track your marketing plan, and will hold all training files and documents.

Stat Watch System

Our stat watch system is held in your private marketing portal and allows your office to track not only how many new patients you have coming into the practice, but where they first heard about your practice.

Quarterly Marketing Workshops

For those offices that are interested, we will be providing quarterly marketing workshops for your marketing liaison to attend. These workshops will provide in-depth marketing training and will give offices a change to share their marketing experiences.

Practice Demographics

We will take an in-depth look at your local area and provide a demographic snap-snot of the various factors that you will need to consider when making marketing decisions, these include: competition, areas where you pull the most patients, household income, and other factors.

Website Review

Your website review will provide a graded scale of how your website ranks for lead generation, appearance, blog, key findings, etc. This review will also include our recommendations on the things you can do to improve your site.

Graphic Design Services

Throughout the program, we will recommend various campaigns and initiatives for your practice marketing. As part of your monthly service, our graphic design team will be available to help accomplish these tasks. Some of these projects might include: logo design, website banners, in-office materials, reactivation postcards, referral cards, etc.

Other Services

  • Marketing Tools and Systems
  • 2 Local Call Tracking Numbers
  • New Patient Telephone Scripting
  • Reactivation Campaign
  • Social Media and SEO Strategy
  • Fee Analysis for Marketing Programs
  • Discounted Direct Mail Services
  • PPO Marketing Strategies

No Contract Required