Greg Jack


Throughout his 30+ years in the consulting industry, Greg Jack has always had a passion for marketing and practice "systems". Early in his career, Greg understood how crucial new patients are to growing a practice and was a pioneer in developing the systems needed to accomplish this. As a result, he has helped a wide range of practices throughout the United States develop marketing programs to deliver the new patients they need.

Greg also has an eye for the interior workings of a dental office. He often can quickly find the root causes that affect a practice's profitibility and production. He has assisted other consulting firms develop successful marketing and consulting programs that are still being used today. Greg created many of the concepts that are now considered indispensable in running successful practices and remains on the cutting edge of high growth consulting. Greg is an expert in practice diagnostics, communication skills, and end results. Doctors appreciate Greg's professionalism, dedication, integrity, and straight talk. As a result, he has been called the "The Doctor's Doctor for Practice Building."

Barb Beard

Office and Marketing Consultant

With 35+ years of experience in the dental field, Barb's background makes her uniquely qualified as the management consultant to help you grow your practice through implementation of proven systems. She began her career in California as a Registered and Certified Dental Assistant. She moved to the front desk as Scheduling Coordinator and Financial Coordinator, befor becoming an Office Manager in a multi-doctor, multi-million dollar practice. She has served on the faculty of a community college where she instructed dental assisting students in a clinical setting and practice management theories in the classroom. Her knowledge of front and back office procedures gives her a decided edge.

Through her years of experience as a management consultant and transition analyst, she has a proven track record through the outstanding results she gains with her clients. Whether it is her experience in managing practices with multiple location, digging through financial records to uncover fraud as part of a forensic accounting investigation, Barb can help you take your practice to the Next Level.

Caleb Carter


As a coach at Capacity Management, Calebs focus is aligning the doctors practice with his or her personal lifestyle and financial needs. Caleb knows that balance between work and lifestyle is vital to having a gratifying and prosperous career.

With a combined 16 years in dental and sales consulting and a degree in finance, Caleb has a proven record of unearthing blockages that stifle a dental practice' growth. By reviewing financials and key metrics then asking the "tough" questions, he provides accurate and measurable systems that are vital to sustain success. Calebs greatest asset is the ability to listen and understand the needs and wants of the doctors with whom he collaborates. Then Orchestrate and implement a customized plan to achieve those needs. His genuine love for people has allowed Caleb to make meaningful and powerful connections that foster enduring growth for his partners.